UK welfare: what the hell is going on?

Today’s the first time I’ve seriously tried to get my head around the developments in the UK on benefits and welfare since I left, prompted by Sarah Ditum’s blog post on the attempt by Tories in marginal seats to persuade Cameron to toughen benefit rules for teenage single mothers. Using the Guardian’s society coverage purely for ease of use, this is an incomplete list of what’s happened since I left to come to Australia on May 18, less than three months ago. This is neither an exhaustive list nor a cherry-picked one, and it’s biased to a single source.

I am struggling to understand what is happening at home as anything other than a war waged by some of the richest people in the country against some of the poorest.

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One thought on “UK welfare: what the hell is going on?”

  1. ::SToRY~MACHiNE:: Journo Startup tweet: made me see why womens equality (fem) is different to equality in that it is mainly much much harder especially in the work place which may be why bullying laws are strongest here maybe.

    But is it time for feminism to change tak: to pushing for equality without so much focus on gender (thats sounds bad). I think digital media has been absolutely amazing, fantastic with the thought in mind that: thats activism; its not pretty, getting your hands dirty is usually part of the process. Muddy that water!

    Is it time to change tack or more appropriately push onwards to equality in the broader sense.

    – its easier

    – your helping everyone as in greater surface area (solid point)

    – your helping to open doors for male feminists

    – your helping to open doors for women that may not be in reach of “feminisms” reach

    – take a look at any industry any (its so much harder for women)

    – for men there is also a lot of sexism especially in the younger years its much more apparent as the parents consciousnesses are floating about the playground (off track)

    – Money and of course the game of life (more of a snakes and ladders of which your competitor holds the board) plays a huge and complex part in this. I would of made a window stylised blogger network web page for indigenous people long ago if equality was a little more present in my life. But I am having difficulty doing this alone.

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