My blogging principles

This is a conversation. I am not speaking to; I am hoping to speak with. Comments are not unidirectional. Links go both ways. This blog is a place for dialogue, not monologue.

This is an education. I’m learning as I go along. I will make mistakes – and I will learn from them, and correct them without pretending they never happened. I will talk about that process, and hope for advice and assistance from people willing to impart knowledge.

This is a resource. I’m thinking out loud so that other people can share my resources and ideas. I want this to be a place that is thought-provoking, interesting, and useful. Blogging is not just opinion; it’s a good medium for understanding and even fact.

This is a hypothesis. I am not right. My opinions are not facts, nor are they immutable. They are up for challenge and debate. They are often wrong, or incomplete, or based on inaccuracies, or flawed in their reasoning. I hope over time they will get less so.

This is personal. It’s my personal opinions, my own thinking, my own writing. It doesn’t reflect an organisational position or a viewpoint that anyone else necessarily shares. I am only speaking for myself. Where there’s a conflict of interest, I will declare it; where there’s a need to reinforce that this is personal, I’ll do so.

This is a collaboration. There are ideas here that are born from other people’s ideas. I will do my utmost to acknowledge my inspirations, to link back, and to ensure that my sources and resources get the credit they deserve.

This is an evolution. This is going to keep changing as I learn, as I change my mind, as technology and news and media change. There is no point remaining stagnant when the world is evolving so rapidly.

This is experimental. This is a collection of ideas. This is a space where I will be testing things, trying on new ideas and forms for size, working outside my comfort zone. Some of those experiments will fail. That’s fine.

4 thoughts on “My blogging principles”

  1. Hi! I would like to use your blog principles (giving you full credit of course!) on my site because they are just so damned perfect. I can’t imagine saying it any better. Is that OK?

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