About me

Hi, I’m . I’m a storyteller, game designer, writer and news junkie, who occasionally commits random acts of journalism. I work at the Guardian in Australia as audience development editor, and write occasionally about games, politics, and all manner of other things.

I’m also a partner in Serious Business, and I run the UK’s first bespoke portable zombie apocalpypse in the form of Zombie LARP. I am very familiar with the internal workings of various forms of toy gun and have usually formed a plan for escape in the case of zombie invasion within 3 minutes of entering a building. We’ve worked with 20th Century Fox and the Science Museum in London, among others, to make live game experiences with 3 to 1,500 players.

I blog here about online and multimedia journalism, gaming and narrative, and other shiny things that catch my eye. This blog is updated sporadically, but with a sense of excitement. It also hosts my Twine game Detritus.

If you’d like to work with me on a project or if you’d like me to write for you, please get in touch. You can reach me on Twitter, Facebook or Google, or you can drop me an email at newsmary at gmail dot com.

Nice to meet you. Let’s build stories.